Unlocking Accurate Data, Efficiency & Savings

The Situation: Manual and Labor-Intensive documentation of product usage  A health system and academic medical center in New York has a simple objective:  provide the best patient care while ensuring operational efficiency in the operating room. Accomplishing this goal requires accurate documentation of disposable devices and supplies to understand usage. Unfortunately, supply documentation is labor-intensive, […]

From Innovation to Value: 3 Key Takeaways From The ViVE 2023 Health Conference

The ViVE 2023 Health Conference brought together healthcare professionals, researchers, digital health startups, and policymakers to discuss the future of healthcare. The conference was held in Nashville and featured a range of presentations, discussions, and workshops on various topics. Three key takeaways have been identified that will shape the future of healthcare over the coming […]

Our Story

Our mission at AssistIQ is to make healthcare more affordable and sustainable.  We’re often asked about how we got started tackling the problem of hospital supply waste. This is our founding story, built on years of friendship, startup grit and conviction that we could build an AI intelligence platform to make a meaningful difference to […]